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I Am Responsible – October 2016

Ms. Heras is a dedicated teacher at an anonymous school in New York. Like most teachers, she spends much of her energy for the well-being of her students. Each year

Fun, Energetic, and Changing Lives – The #DriveForResponsibility Drives On!

The Every Kid Learns Foundation and the Responsibility Foundation have teamed up with basketball all-stars “Pee Wee” Harrison, a former member of Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All-Stars, and “Hollywood” Brown, a

Building the Movement – October 2016

Message from CEO Derrin Hill. The Drive for Responsibility has been generating excitement for the Every Kid Votes and Statue Fund campaign all over the country. We have taught thousands

Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser Promoting 10 Lessons on Civic Responsibility

What would happen if kids could vote for the President of the United States? As mentioned before, on November 1st, millions of students will make their mark on history as

Don’t miss the Responsibility Gala on November 5th!

Do you want a great way to strengthen relationships with your best customers, colleagues, and partners? How about networking with movers and shakers? Or would you simply like to enjoy

Responsibility Foundation Enters 100&Change Grant Competition

The Foundation recently applied for a world renown grant called 100 & Change. Why is this grant so important and what are the benefits? Read more about it here: