The time has come to present the world with an official 30′ version of the Statue of Responsibility.

At the Responsibility Foundation, we are excited to officially announce this important milestone to the building of the Statue of Responsibility. Building this 30′ version of the statue in California will be a tangible reminder of the importance of responsible behavior and inspire those who are not familiar with the Responsibility Movement. The purpose of the movement is to educate generations about the importance of responsible behavior.

One of the greatest movements of the nineteenth century resulted in the Statue of Liberty, beautifully placed in New York Harbor. Hundreds of millions of Americans have been inspired by her as a symbol of Liberty.

Now, in the 21st century, many are aware of the movement to build the Statue of Responsibility as a bookend to Lady Liberty to be placed in California to educate us about the importance of responsible behavior.

The “hand clasping hand” motif signifies the importance of the relationship between LIBERTY AND RESPONSIBILITY that leads to the FREEDOMS we all enjoy.

A benefit of building this smaller version of the Statue of Responsibility is seeing what the 304′ monument will look like when it is built! The project includes a 1/10 scaled version of the statue, grounds, and a kiosk to engage visitors to learn more about the movement and inspire them to take action.

We thank our sponsors for their unfailing support. However, we need your assistance. Imagine the 30′ Statue of Responsibility located in your city.

Together, let’s make this happen.

For information on how you can have a statue in your town, click below.

A monument in your city