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The term “Drummer” was used in the 1880’s to denote individuals in America raising funds for the Statue of Liberty.  Lady Liberty had been designed and built in France by sculptor Auguste Bartholdi at a cost of $250,000 paid by the people of France.  The statue was then disassembled and packed into crates for shipment to America that sat unopened in New York City for a number of years due to the lack of funds to build a base and reassemble the statue.

To assist Auguste Bartholdi raise funds for the Statue of Liberty, New York World publisher Joseph Pulitzer offered to print the name of everyone who donated to the Statue of Liberty in his newspaper regardless of the amount.  More than $100,000 was raised in six months from donations averaging less than $1 from more than 125,000 people.

Just like Drummers were used to raise funds in America in the 1880’s to reassemble the Statue of Liberty, Responsibility Foundation borrows the term Drummer to honor those who assist in raising funds to build the Statue of Responsibility monument.