Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser

Fundraiser Begins In…

On November 1st, millions of students will make their mark on history as they participate in the largest student mock presidential election and corresponding fundraiser ever conducted. Every U.S. citizen, especially school children, should understand the responsibilities that come with our natural rights and liberties, such as the right to vote.

Together, with the Every Kid Votes Foundation “Every Kid Votes!” campaign, and corresponding Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser, children of today are empowered to become a part of history by voting for the next President of the United States (in kid fashion) and raise funds to help build the Statue of Responsibility. They will also raise money for your classrooms and college scholarships for your students.

This election season kids will learn about responsibility through a series of lessons and service activities and help make the Statue of Responsibility, a 300-foot monument will be constructed on the West Coast, a reality. This is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for today’s students to build an iconic monument, similar to the Statue of Liberty in the 19th century. When the Statue of Liberty was built, the children of that day donated to help build the pedestal upon which it stands.

The election kit includes access to powerful online election curriculum and activities.  The election kit includes:
  • Election posters
  • Election booth templates
  • Printed election Studies Weekly publications for every student in the school
  • “I Voted” stickers

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What better way to teach the children of today how to run the country of tomorrow then by helping them to learn to vote to serve their community and to accomplish a nationwide goal together. The story of responsibility continues to unfold and our children will write their own epic chapter after this school year. They will tell the story of how they participated in government by the people and helped to build an international icon that inspires Responsibility for generations to come. It’s easy to sign up.

Here’s how:

  1. Register your school(s) through the button above. When you register you will receive a free Every Kid Votes election kit, curriculum samples, and media player booklet explaining the program.
  2. Share this site with administrators in your district and in your schools.
  3. Contact us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to working together with districts and schools across the country to bring this incredible opportunity to students. Let’s help make this a historic and memorable school year!