The Foundation Board of Directors oversees and holds the executive staff accountable. They also serve as advisors and help with the big picture of the Foundation.

Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

Chairman of the Board

Derrin Hill

Board Member

Doug Weber

Board Member

Clifton Anderson

Board Member

Tony Allen

Board Member

Dr. Marc Liebman

Board Member



The executive staff runs and manages the day to day operations, strategy, and implementation of Foundation programs.

Doug Weber

Executive Vice President

Jason Caldwell

Chief Operations Officer

Amy Caldwell

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Gunnar Gabrielson

Web & Graphic Design

John W. Hesse II

Government Communications Lead & Foundation Development

Derrin Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Lake

Executive Development Consultant

Dr. Marc Liebman

Senior Vice President

A.J. Rounds

Chief Marketing Officer

Bart Skalla

Chief Financial Officer



The advisory council is a team of dedicated professionals and supporters with special skills that act as advisors and resources to help accomplish the goals of the Foundation.

Jack Berkman

Berkman Strategic Communications

Kennan Burch

Brand Catalyst Partners

Mary Cimiluca

Mondo Digital Solutions

Art Drentlau


Dr. Mark Foster

Medical Doctor

Max Hooper

Dr. Connie Mariano

Center for Executive Medicine // Former White House Physician

Denis Nurmela

Author, Speaker, Coach

Gary Lee Price

Comissioned Artist

JD Tueller

App Raptors

Alex Vesley

Filmmaker / Director

Woody Woodward

Author / Speaker