What is the Statue of Responsibility?

Erecting an iconic monument (The Statue of Responsibility) to literally elevate our hearts and minds to higher levels of Responsibility for generations to come. Helping to build the Statue of Responsibility is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for our nation. This monument will differ from others in that it will serve as a tribute to the future, rather than memorialize the past.

The monument will be built in three phases.

Phase I

Phase I will include site selection for the statue. This will be done by requesting proposals from 5 major cities along the west coast. It will also include construction of the interior, exterior, gift shops, observation decks, museums, theater, elevators, and grounds immediately surrounding the statue.

2016: RFP Released to 45+ Metro Areas.

Phase II

Phase II includes building additional exterior facilities around the statue including outdoor displays, amphitheater, and an artist studio within the structure.

Phase III

Phase III includes building additional infrastructures such as mass transit stations and additional programming (dependent on location).

  • Observation Deck
  • Snack Bar
  • 360 Degree Views
  • Multipurpose Floor
  • Art Studio with Observation
  • Conference Room with Catering Kitchen
  • Administration Office
  • Cafe
  • Atrium
  • Museum
  • Hall of Philanthropy
Lower Level 1
  • Gift Shop
  • Orientation Space
  • Performance Theater (2 Story)
  • Customer Service
  • Medical & Security
Lower Level 2
  • Performance Theater (2 Story)
  • Administration and Staff Areas
  • Storage

Location Planning

To serve as a symbol of Responsibility, just as the Statue of Liberty stands for Freedom on the East Coast, the Responsibility Foundation is planning to build a “Statue of Responsibility” (“SOR”) in a major metropolitan area in America. With the help of many donors and supporters from all walks of life across the nation, and a dedicated corp of volunteers, the SOR monument will serve as an international icon of Responsibility, engaging schools, communities, businesses and government with programs that encourage Responsibility while improving people’s lives for generations to come.

The SOR monument will be located on a site identified and selected through a competitive multi-phase process. This process will identify the very best location to build the SOR monument including sufficient space for future site expansion.

The process of selection is by a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) process similar to the International Olympics site selection process. We invite your City to submit a proposal to serve as the location to build the SOR monument. There will be many short-term and long-term economic benefits for the City selected as the location for the 305 foot tall SOR monument and surrounding facilities.

Download the RFP (Request for Proposal)
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