The time is NOW.  The concept of being responsible inspires the hearts and minds of people around the world. There is no idea so uniting, relevant, and timely, as the idea of Responsibility. The time has come for a movement to elevate this important trait. Responsibility Foundation works to do this through both our work with individual, groups, organizations, and businesses and our goal of building a national movement dedicated to responsibility. Think of it as an national initiative moving responsibility from concept to reality and show the relationship between liberty and responsibility to maximize our freedoms and independence.

Our mission is accomplished in three ways, or as we call them, the three E’s: Educate, Engage, and Elevate. To be more specific they are outlined as the following:



Teaching the children of America the importance of Responsibility in every choice we make and action we take.

We involve the children of today to become a part of history as the children of the 1800s did when they were critical to the raising of the Statue of Liberty. While learning about responsibility, students will gain the tools and mindset to be successful and motivated to become involved, responsible citizens. At the same time involving adults, communities, organizations, and businesses in the conversation about the important relationship between our liberties and responsibilities.

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Initiating an iconic movement to literally elevate our hearts and minds to higher levels of Responsibility for generations to come.  Helping to build the Responsibility Movement is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for our nation, as was the case with the Statue of Liberty movement in the 19th century. This monument will differ from others in that it will serve to unify our nation while also acting as a tribute to the future, rather than memorialize the past.

Through the awarding of our annual National Responsibility Award along with recognition of individual and group achievement at the regional, state and local levels, the Responsibility Foundation will elevate the importance of responsible actions and behavior in the public consciousness.

By encouraging civic engagement and civil dialog about the role of responsibility in the development of policies and programs and business practices the Responsibility Foundation will elevate the conversation about the importance of responsible and ethical behavior.

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Begin and accelerate the involvement in a national dialogue around the nation about Responsibility through a variety of media and increased conversation. The Responsibility Foundation has launched a national media campaign using mass media and social media. Please check back often as we update our list of official media partners.

Quarterly we publish the Responsibility Round-up a magazine focused on how responsibility plays a role in a variety of areas and with different groups (go to to subscribe)

The Responsibility works closely with non-profits, governmental agencies, businesses and other groups to engage conversation and action on issues of mutual interest and importance to expand the dialog about responsibility and its role in maximizing our liberties and freedoms.

The movement we plan to build will be more than just a ‘nice idea’ but will include a national educational center to engage those that visit to think about and commit to what they can do to become part of the movement of strengthening the relationship between our liberties and the responsible exercise of them.


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