As a seasoned sales, marketing, PR, and human resource professional, AJ was a great fit for the Responsibility Foundation. While attending college A.J. sold and managed door-to-door sales teams across the country (he has flown into almost every airport in the nation). Heavily involved in student government he graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources. Watch out! He’s an Aggie! Working alongside his father from the age of six, A.J. became versed in commercial real estate, business acquisitions, insurance, and property management. This work ethic has served him well in his 17 year career. He has been involved in a variety of industries from infomercials to online grocery! It’s been a wild ride but A.J. is most excited about the role he gets to play (Marketing and Communications) while promoting the greatest cause in the country: RESPONSIBILITY.

Hanging out with his 3 kids, wife, and future dog (still negotiating with wife for that one) tops the list of his favorite things to do. He also loves to read, follow politics, buy and sell limousines (weird), play guitar, watch sports, and do yard work.