Saving those in Ukraine

A small group of Ukrainian citizens are selflessly helping those in Ukraine. The Responsibility Foundation wants to support the efforts of this close-knit rescue group. Our CEO, Emily Thorson, has been working with this network to help them bring their fellow citizens out of war-torn areas and get to safe havens both in Ukraine and in surrounding nations. Women and children already brought to safety are deferring supplies received to those still suffering behind enemy lines. Below are pictures of the drivers and those they have helped.

All donations made to the Ukranian people through the Responsibility Foundation go toward equipment, non-perishable items, hope and a chance for survival. The images below are the brave men, women, children and patriots risking their lives to uphold Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Please help support Ukraine, Her nation’s people and the world by making a donation through the Responsibility Foundation or another charity. Stand with Ukraine, today.

We still need your help to continue providing service to these great people and to those who are helping them. Your funds will go to providing food and equipments to help those still in Ukraine as well as provide funds to help the drivers get them out.