Elevating our thoughts and actions to create a better world is the inevitable outcome of an engaged, educated, and responsible population. A better world for ourselves, our families, friends, partners, colleagues, communities, races, and nationalities. A free world is a one where we have elevated ourselves out of the trap of ignorance, selfishness, and irresponsibility. To this end the Responsibility Foundation is working to build and share symbols of responsibility around the world.

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Helping to build the Statue of Responsibility is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for today’s students similar to the building of the statue of Liberty in the 19th century. But it’s more than building an iconic statue representing responsibility to the world. The mission of the Responsibility Foundation is to create a movement based on principles of Responsibility. When the Statue of Liberty was built, the children of that day donated to help build the pedestal upon which it stands. Together, with Studies Weekly and the ‘Every Kid Votes’ campaign, children of today are empowered to become a part of history and help build the Statue of Responsibility, a 300-foot monument to be constructed on the West Coast.

This is an exciting fundraising program to not only teach students valuable civic lessons about responsibility, but to also participate in making the Statue of Responsibility a reality.

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Erecting an iconic monument (The Statue of Responsibility) to literally elevate our hearts and minds to higher levels of Responsibility for generations to come. Helping to build the Statue of Responsibility is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for our nation. This monument will differ from others in that it will serve as a tribute to the future, rather than memorialize the past.
The statue will be built in three phases.

Phase I

Phase I will include site selection for the statue. This will be done by requesting proposals from 5 major cities along the west coast. It will also include construction of the interior, exterior, gift shops, observation decks, museums, theater, elevators, and grounds immediately surrounding the statue.

Phase II

Phase II includes building additional exterior facilities around the statue including outdoor displays, amphitheater, and an artist studio within the structure.

Phase III

Phase III includes building additional infrastructures such as mass transit stations and additional programming (dependent on location).

The Statue of Liberty

Once the statue (of Liberty) was finished, it was shipped to America for installation. However, there was nothing on which to place the Statue of Liberty. There was still a need to build the nine story high pedestal in New York Harbor on which Lady Liberty stands. Joseph Pulitzer, on seeing little progress in fund-raising, decided to organize the effort and raise money through awareness. He did so by requesting small donations from the general public (in exchange for printing their names in the paper). For 10 cents, one could find his/her name in the paper and become part of history. Many donated enough to see their names printed multiple times. The result was one of the greatest movements of the nineteenth century. Among those who gave generously were the school children and veterans. They gave pennies, dimes, and even chickens.

Some time later, after much difficulty, the funds were eventually raised by the American people and the pedestal was built on which Lady Liberty sits today. She was dedicated in 1886 by President Grover Cleveland and millions of Americans have been inspired by her as a symbol of the standard of Liberty ever since.