Elevating our thoughts and actions to create a better world is the inevitable outcome of an engaged, educated, and responsible population. A better world for ourselves, our families, friends, partners, colleagues, communities, races, and nationalities. A free world is a one where we have elevated ourselves out of the trap of ignorance, selfishness, and irresponsibility. To this end the Responsibility Foundation is working to build and share symbols of responsibility around the world.

The Statue of Responsibility

We are on a mission to build an iconic monument, The Statue of Responsibility, to literally elevate our hearts and minds to higher levels of Responsibility for generations to come. Helping to build the Statue of Responsibility is an epic “once in a century” opportunity for our nation. This monument will differ from others in that it will serve as a tribute to the future, rather than memorialize the past.

The monument will be built in three phases and we hope to complete it by 2020.

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