The Responsibility Award is designed for individuals, companies or organizations demonstrating responsible behaviors, values, etc. who have taken action.  The award is given to those who have shown heightened ‘responsibility’ one-time, many times, or ongoing. The award is a beautiful medallion made of solid aluminum.  It comes in a custom designed case to put on display. This prestigious award is given out once per year at a large group event.

These awards are approved by the Board of Directors based on recommendations of staff and board members.  Will you be the next one to receive this distinguished award?

2016 National Responsibility Award Recipient


Mr. Eggleston, has been chosen as a model of Responsibility, indeed an inspiration, through his exemplary service to our country and in the VA Medical Center. It is also an honor to recognize him as a recipient of multiple purple heart awards. Thank you for providing untiring and unerring leadership in the service to our country. As we look to role models today, for ourselves and the rising generation, we are thankful for people who demonstrate fortitude of character and courage.


Other Responsibility Awards are designed for specific actions demonstrating responsible behaviors, values, etc.  They are also given to individuals and/or organizations who either have one-time or on-going activities that demonstrate responsible behaviors/activities.  Awards given represent different levels of distinction.  A recipient may receive this award and the official Responsibility Award as well. These awards are approved by the Board of Directors based on recommendations of staff and board members.  Other nomination strategies may also be used.  The recipients will receive a medal representing the impact the action/project is having on their community.

  • Award Criteria
    • The event, action, project, organizational mission:
      • Focus on responsible behavior that has an impact on others;
      • Is a role model we want to recognize and use as an example; and/or,
      • Has a history, and sustainability.

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