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The 90 page RFP is done and being finalized for distribution. This is being distributed via email and hard copy to over 45 cities nationwide. Municipalities are invited to participate based on criteria ranging from population and tourism statistics to accessibility through airports and interstates.

Our approach to offer the opportunity to cities to participate is simple. We reach out to the offices of mayor’s, chamber of commerce directors, and city planners. They will be contacted by phone, email, and drip campaign marketing. Municipalities then have the option to submit a letter of intent confirming their desire to participate in the selection process or not. Our goal is to create buzz and excitement over the potential for participant cities to be known as the city of Responsibility yet get to the number of cities who will put forth the effort to participate as quickly as possible.

We plan on carrying out the multi-step selection process throughout 2017 and making a final selection for the Statue of Responsibility in November of 2017. We will post periodic updates on our website as they are available.

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  • Bruce Garrett says:

    Question – Is the state of California still the primary state being considered for the statue? It makes the most sense, as it is on the west coast. This message from the foundation has been very appealing and very symbolic, having the statue on the west coast to bookend the statue of Liberty on the east coast. Why are other big cities in America now being approached?

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