Lady Liberty was designed and built in France by sculptor Auguste Bartholdi at a cost of $250,000.  This was largely paid for by donations from French citizens. The statue was then disassembled and packed into crates for shipment to America.  Because there weren’t funds to build a pedestal and reassemble the statue, Lady Liberty sat unopened in New York City for a number of years.

To assist Auguste Bartholdi raise funds for the Statue of Liberty, New York World publisher Joseph Pulitzer offered to print the name of everyone who donated to the Statue of Liberty in his newspaper regardless of the amount.  More than $100,000 was raised in six months from donations averaging less than $1 from more than 125,000 people. What an incredible movement! 

Although the methods have changed, we are still active in fundraising. Like Joseph Pulitzer in early American history, we invite you to be a fundraiser, helping to build another movement,  the Responsibility Movement.

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Utilize our “Kindful” fundraising platform and you can build your own fundraising team! Collect donations through a customized team / personal page. Setup is quick and easy!

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How would it look for your organization to partner with the Responsibility Foundation?  Benefits could include the positive association with Responsibility, building an international movement to which your company is connected, and creating a legacy of greatness for employees, vendors, friends and family for generations to come.

Partnerships come in many shapes and sizes, just like your company.  These arrangements can be financial, in-kind, or promotional in nature.  Contact us today to find out how your company can partner with the Responsibility Foundation.

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Interested in volunteering with the Responsibility Foundation? The non-profit status from which we operate allows for many opportunities to volunteer. Whether that be donating time, talents, or connecting us with supporters, we couldn’t make this movement a reality without your help.

We have many opportunities from which to choose. Occasionally we mention ways in which to participate in our monthly magazine the Responsibility Roundup. If you haven’t opted in to our newsletter, subscribe now.  By volunteering for the Responsibility Foundation you have a chance to write your name in history and leave a legacy. For additional ideas please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you about available opportunities!