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Ms. Victoria Hearst recognized by Responsibility Foundation

By October 19, 2017December 23rd, 2018No Comments

Local activist and philanthropist honored for working to protect kids from harmful magazines.

Local philanthropist and activist Ms. Victoria Hearst has worked tirelessly in her quest to move exploitative and suggestive publications out of the view of children. On Sept. 20, the Responsibility Foundation will recognize her diligent efforts to protect children and communities across the nation.

Ms. Hearst feels so strongly about her cause that she has taken aim at publications produced by her family’s own company, including Cosmopolitan Magazine. In 2015, she played a fundamental role in getting national chains such as Rite Aid to cover editions of the magazines with blinders or move it behind the counter with other adult magazines. Her website calls for the magazine to be classified as pornography, explaining that the magazine is full of sexually explicit images, illustrations, and advice.

Hearst is active on social media with the hashtag #CosmoHurtsKids and does regular interviews with lawmakers and influencers around the country, encouraging states and localities to strengthen public decency laws that help keep kids safe.

Derrin Hill, CEO of Responsibility Foundation, will present the award to Ms. Hearst and share comments about the vision of his organization. She will also share some thoughts on her efforts to help protect impressionable children.

“Ms. Hearst’s efforts are a wonderful example of going the extra mile to elevate the community,” Hill said. “Her success shows that even one small but persistent voice can create a better world for all of us.”

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