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48 states. 30+ schools. 48 governors offices. What an adventure! The Every Kid Learns Foundation in partnership with the Responsibility Foundation teamed up with basketball all-stars “Pee Wee” Harrison, a former member of Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All Stars, and “Hollywood” Brown, a former Harlem Globetrotter. As a team, they trekked across the country to meet with governor’s, students, teachers, principals, celebrities, VIPs, and conducted school assemblies to promote the Every Kid Votes and Statue of Responsibility campaigns. Their message? Responsibility.

The Drive team started in San Diego on Aug 24, 2016, and ended at Battery Park on Liberty Island Nov 1, 2016. Kids cheered/laughed across the country at the basketball magic of Pee Wee and Hollywood. Principals and teachers were impressed by the message shared, and Governors pledged their support to the campaign.

Almost 800,000 elementary students across the country voted in the Every Kid Votes Presidential mock election on Nov 1 hosted by Studies Weekly. Hillary Clinton swept the electoral college vote and popular vote with 370 electoral votes and 48.4% of the popular vote. Donald Trump came in second with 165 electoral votes and 36.6% of the popular vote. Although results varied from the actual election, it was a fantastic opportunity to teach kids across America the value of voting and fulfilling their civic duty. Children are earning their place in history as they continue to fundraise for the Statue of Responsibility. Students can now raise money until April 30, 2017.

Another highlight of the Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser is the “Leader in Me” schools. This is a program overseen by the Covey Foundation that promotes 7 habits for successful students. One of their main points of emphasis includes Responsibility. It is a perfect fit. A pilot program is being launched in 5 schools with a likelihood of being adopted by 2700 other schools.

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