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What would happen if kids could vote for the President of the United States?

As mentioned before, on November 1st, millions of students will make their mark on history as they participate in the largest student mock presidential election and the Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser.

Children will also learn about responsibility through lessons and service activities, (about the electoral process, government, voting and other important topics) along with the opportunity to raise funds for constructing a national monument on the Pacific Coast called the Statue of Responsibility. “Pee Wee” Harrison, a former member of Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All-Stars, along with “Hollywood” Brown, former Harlem Globetrotter invite children across the nation to join them in building this monument to responsibility.

What are these lessons? Here are the titles of each lesson.

  1. Voting
  2. We the People
  3. Freedom & Liberty
  4. 5 Steps to Becoming President
  5. Rights & Responsibilities
  6. 22nd Amendment
  7. The Constitution
  8. Political Parties
  9. Three Branches of Government
  10. Qualifications to Be President

Join classrooms across the country online and complete the 10 x 10 challenge. Help raise funds for schools in your area and the Statue of Responsibility. Learn about voting and the election process!

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