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Message from CEO Derrin Hill.

The Drive for Responsibility has been generating excitement for the Every Kid Votes and Statue Fund campaign all over the country. We have taught thousands of school kids, met with many Governors and other state leaders, and inspired millions to be responsible citizens. I was recently with top leaders in a state who love The Statue of Responsibility, and one of them spoke for the group and said, “Our country is so divided today. We need The Statue of Responsibility now as a powerful symbol of unity to bring us together in a common national goal, just as we needed the Statue of Liberty at the end of the Civil War to help heal that great divide.”

Together we bring that unity and healing and inspire generations to live lives of responsibility. You will be pleased to know that the Responsibility Foundation has made incredible progress on every front. We are working with Kiewit, one of the top construction firms in the U.S. and now have a completed pre-construction package which provided accurate cost estimates and project planning for the three phases of construction. We have raised more than $4.3M in donations since the beginning of the year, with approximately half that amount in cash and pledges, and the rest as valuable in-kind materials and services. We now have education programs on Civic Responsibility and Financial Responsibility with a reach to millions of students. We have marketing and other media to engage people in this powerful idea and specific projects. We have created relationships with over a dozen new corporate sponsors and have cause marketing campaigns to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for them.

In short, we are well on the way to our goal of building responsibility, in the lives of millions of people and their families and communities, as well as with The Statue of Responsibility.

Thank you for being a great part of this progress and for being an active part of making history together! I invite you to find ten friends who will accept a challenge from you to join with you in this cause by becoming a member and monthly donor. Tell us your story of how you did the challenge and were responsible for adding ten others to your team. We will share the best stories in future articles.

Best Wishes,


Derrin J. Hill

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