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The Responsibility Foundation is proud to announce the All Ladies League Iconic Women in Mentoring & Networking Award that was presented to Dr. Nancy O’Reilly and Leesa Clark Price for their support to the movement to empower women. This event, and subsequent forum, was a wonderful opportunity to support worldwide initiatives and share the mission of the Responsibility movement and the Statue of Responsibility to a global audience.

Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D chair of the board and Leesa Clark-Price Executive Director of the Responsibility Foundation attended the the Women Economic Forum (WEF) organized by ALL Ladies League (ALL) May 16-21, 2016 at the Pullman-Novotel Hotel in New Delhi, India. The theme of the conference was: “Women: Uplifting and Uniting the World.” As presenters and panelists, they were able to share examples of responsible acts from women all over the world, promote the value of education, and help elevate the dialogue of responsibility to a global conversation by discussing the concept of the iconic symbol, The Statue of Responsibility.

The conference was attended by 1500 women from 105 countries; the largest such gathering of diverse women from the world over. The diversity of the group ranges from world leaders, education administrators, authors, speakers, to business and philanthropic executives. At the conference there were 408 sessions on 28 themes like business, technology, entrepreneurship, industry, health, travel, spirituality, peace, diplomacy, security, conflict resolution, personal leadership, innovation, research etc. The leading sessions were on entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation, and personal leadership constituting more than 30% of the sessions. The goal of the large gathering is to energize women’s entrepreneurship and leadership.

About Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2016:

WEF is a mega marquee global event hosted by ALL Ladies League (ALL) the world’s largest league of women. It’s an all-inclusive global community with over 20,000 members, 450 global chapters, spanning 75 countries. Our overarching objective is to exponentially enhance women’s economic progression and leadership skills and to become active change agents in all spheres of self and society.

ALL Ladies League, or ‘ALL’, is the largest league of women and their endeavors globally and the first and only such global network in the world to have free membership for women from ALL parts of the world. ALL is creating safe and smooth fast-track highways for women so that women can move and connect easily to support groups across the world for ALL kinds of collaborations. The impact is a boost in confidence for women and networking opportunities. The conference offers a powerful and purposeful energy of multidimensional thought leadership and global friendship in the midst of great networking for business.

The Responsibility Foundation looks forward to partnering with this organization to promote the empowerment of women and the promotion of the Responsibility movement. For more information please contact the Responsibility Foundation.

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