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A perfect centerpiece, a Statue of Responsibility is unveiled and displayed at the American Fork Memorial Garden Dedication, cemetery expansion, and Flag Dag ceremonies.

For Immediate Release – June 26, 2016

Mapleton, Utah — Responsibility Foundation ( On Tuesday, June 14 at 11 a.m., the location at 600 N. Center St. will become a dedicated and hallowed location for American Fork, a city of 28,000 people. Nearly two years ago, the City officially selected this location to construct a greatly needed expansion to the existing cemetery at this location.

Councilman Brad Frost led the project, reaching out to residents, and working with the City parks and recreation department. Here the city built a memorial garden as part of the expansion project for the cemetery. It is called “The Seasons” Memorial Garden. It represents all seasons of the human experience, while linking the current American Fork Cemetery with the expansion section (aptly named the Seasons Cemetery based on the John Keats poem, ‘the Human Seasons.’)

“This creation of this garden has been an emotional journey,” Frost said. “We felt strongly that a cemetery is more than a final resting place. It’s place where the living also go to ponder, to reconnect with spiritual things, and to remember loved ones.”

He added, “But this memorial is not just for those who are buried here or visiting. In the dedication, we will raise a 50-foot American Flag as a symbol of our freedoms, the generations who have come before us and fought for those freedoms, and it will represent the name of this great American City, so that all who drive by will know our community’s integrity and sense of patriotism.”

The backdrop of the statue, a memorial wall, pays tribute to personal sacrifice stories of everyday heroes – local fireman, police officers, and military personnel who risk, or have given their lives to protect and preserve the lives of those in our community and nation.

The dedication program will include remarks by Mayor James Hadfield, Councilman Frost, Derrin Hill, and other dignitaries and religious leaders. Remarks will also be made by Sculptor Gary Lee Price who created a statue that will be a focal point in the Garden.

This feature in original form, was commissioned in 1997 to represent the human connection and human spirit through the depiction of two hands clasped in unity. It was inspired by the vision of Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who went on to publish the best-seller Man’s Search for Meaning, a nationwide bestseller.

“This sculpture is a perfect fit for the Memorial Garden,” said Derrin Hill, Chief Executive Officer with the Responsibility Foundation. “However, the true beauty of the sculpture is discovered once the meaning behind the piece is, and the movement it represents is learned.”

The sculpture is called the Statue of Responsibility, and the smaller version featured in the Seasons Memorial Garden, is the first of many statues that will be placed across the country as an inspirational symbol of unification. (For more about the Statue of Responsibility and the Responsibility Foundation, visit

About Responsibility Foundation

Responsibility Foundation is responsible for encouraging responsibility around the globe. The advancement of the Statue of Responsibility, a 300-foot monument is one of the initiatives of the non-profit organization. The statue, the symbol of the movement, will be constructed on the west coast of the United States within the next 3-5 years to stand as a beacon of hope for coming generations. The Statue represents one of the most important characteristics to secure the future of our country and world: Responsibility. For more information about the Statue’s story, or to participate or make a contribution to the program, visit or email #StatueOfResponsibility


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